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.Klangstabil-sprite storage format.lp(ant-zen act90 )

Recently ,the forefront label in the the (no need to call it!) industrial scene ,Ant-zen released the last work of the German-Italian project Klangstabil. Here Mr Maurizio Blanco -who is the owner of the very respected label MHz  releasing technoise related projects only in limited vinyl versions- and Mr Boris May offers us a 12” ,that includes 6 compositions with samples taken from the Nintendo Gameboy.the sounds and sequencing comes straight from this little machine and for the whole out-come was used a MS20 ,a Vocoder plus varius effects. Klangstabil ,as some of you might already know ,like to use elements from the very start of electronic music and also from basic and simple machines treating them in a way that listening to them appears very fresh and modern. The sound of the record is noisy enough with characteristic depth and massive frequencies. The compositions follow the classical Klangstabil style of complicated minimalist ideally and with great care crafted. <Symmetrical reduction> stands for it’s danceable breakish rhythm,<tile crowding> for it’s raw power and <bitplanes out of phase> as a very beautiful and well treated experimentation that is also dance able. As a conclusion we could say that with their first work in Ant-zen ,Klangstabil honors the label ,althought this is not the first time that Mr Stefan Alt ant the duo have cooperated (remember the vinyl in Hymen ,which is sidelabel of Ant-zen and that the site of Hymen was built by Maurizio Blanco) offering us a great work that contributes a lot to the  rhythm noise section of Ant-zen’s <<actions>>


    This cd represents a recent reissue  of the 1989 lp which was  recorded live   in  utrecht of Holland in 25/11/89 at "EKKO" cultural centre.So, it's a pleasure that we're given the chance to have access to this "rare-to-find" lp,which comes from the establishers of Rhythm-Noise Minimal sound.Since 1980 and forth ,E.G. with their many editions have created ,all around the world,a fanatic and at the same time dance -oriented audience  for their music.This live is also slipping away from the characterof the typical live-hits compilation which is very used in nowadays'discography,since it includes tracks prefacing the studio versions and some others especially remixed for the occasion.These sounds derive from an intense and creative era of E.G.retaining all the noise elements and power  characterising their entire musical career.Once again the percussion is superb.The cd contains 11 tracks;1 & 11 discerning for their techno brillancies without preventing the rest of the cd to be singularly rhythmical with the unique way E.G. know how to construct.Track 5 is not Trans-umma but another re-edit  of Rotor. A diachronic production comprising  sounds and rhythms ,that nobody could imagine ,making so mature steps at that time 

.CONVERTER-Shock Front (CD-AntZen Act83).

Once again mr .S.ALT  owner of ANT-ZEN surprises us with his “artistic war” in which he submits almost every group recording within the bounds of the label.Thus,the 1st cd of converter is packaged in a jewelcase which ,instead of the “classic” paper-wrapped pack,encloses 2 metallic bars resulting in an increased-weight cd.The sound is definitely   resembling to the packaging.Astoundingly heavy with especially careful reverb and exquisite production.Conqueror,Shock Front,Coma,Denogginizer and Sadist stand out . 

TORSION-Jackson’s private zoo(12” HYMEN 017).


This 12’’ is a reissue of material which had been recorded during 1995-96 from Mr. J. N. Sellekaers (Xingu Hill) and Mr. Olivier Moreau(Imminent Starvation).

The LP side containing the information, includes 2 breakbeat tracks. We suggest that you listen to them upshifting your turntable’s pitch controller. 

The gem of the album lies on the other side; a very good techno experimentation that, besides the powerful kick, strongly recalls Imminent Starvation, a fact giving the track beneficial impacts. The 12’’ is ending

with a short noiz experiment which I daresay lies there short of  closing track. Conclusively, we could cite that this record without being something really “sui generis” remains a decent and fair effort.




The second, complete work of Belgian Mr. Olivier Moreau aka Imminent Starvation, following the devastating first CD, recorded on the same label and 3 vinyl attempts(2 LPs on Hymen and a split 12’’with Synapscape on AntZen), hit us with interest and expectation for something really good.

     And of course one of the most mature and prominently sounding bands of the last years couldn’t disappoint us. The known characteristics of the multifarious drumming rising like wall in front of you and the divine ambient passing are THERE! The production is ultra well-looked-after and the spectrum of the tracks large since you can find from techno hymns (tentack one) to cruel breakbeats (parle) and some ambient drones too. There is also a remix of Lost Highway which might not be the best of it but this track remains one of the most high powered songs of the genre.

     Finally, Nord is not coming off Human Dislocation (for personally reasons probably) but we could say it can easily side as a sequence. Imminent Starvation strengthen its place in our awareness as one of the greatest holdovers to the genre to which ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO gave birth 2 decades before, leading rhythm noise, with his unique and stately way, even farther.

EISENGRAU - Documenta (BOXSET 220N).


                 This is a box set from 220N, subsidiary of HANDS, limited to300 copies, including a 12’’ and a 7’’ recorded between 1997 & 1998,courtesy of Belgians EISENGRAU. The sound is especially strong and tek-noisy but with a clear obsession with tumultuous situations. Some of the 12 tracks involve vocal brutalities, some others focalizing on teknoise situations (Angelic,Yearn). The sound, analogic of course, is totally dry and massive, surprising us with its power and production. The vinyl’s weight is peculiar too.

        Despite the fact of being kinda aberrational, EISENGRAU represent

one of the most powerful situations we’ve heard recently.


    V.I.P. - One (7’’, Possessive Blindfold Recordings pdr04).


             Mr. Raul Rucka besides NOISEX is working on other projects (DKF, THORAX, ULTRA INSTINCT, VIP). This 7’’represents (limited to 300 copies) a, recently formed, project called V.I.P. aiming at freestyle noise, in collaboration with other noise artists. Within this 7’’we also get the collaboration from NOISEGUILD. ONE contains 2 parts, one on each side, of machinery, beats, noise passing and distorted vocals influenced by freestyle impressions of course.

         ONE recalls something from the beautiful ANDXESSION release without reaching the context of experimentation of the above very strong project.

         Consequently, we could say that this one is a good release for this weird genre of noise that is more interesting hearing it live.


P.A.L-Play at 2.00am (12’’ Megahertz Records).


     A recent release from P.A.L emerging clear tendencies towards break

style, something of course we ’re not used to it even if there were inclining of it on his latest CD (AntZen act 63).Thus, P.A.L  changing again his style

and sound without missing power and quality elements characterizing his interesting works.

   Including 4 tracks; GOOD FRIDAY 99’ and STEREOWEB rise from

the rank ;the first for its combination of ambient passages and break sounds, the latter for his prominently strong and fast breakbeat sound. This edition is limited to 1000 copies, issued from MHz label of the German-Italian duet of KLANGSTABIL.


HYPNOSKULL-ffwd>burnout!(CD AntZen act94).


     More mature from his predecessor, having more techno extensions

this CD is the latest attempt-exploration of rhythm noise sound by

Mr. Patrick Stevens (x SONAR). It wouldn’t be unfair to cite this as the best act of the “busybody” AntZen recently. Powerfully sounding, battering the sensations and at the same time the ideological setting of which we have a short reference inside the booklet (reminding us the situationists…) accomplish a marvelous edition from all points of view. Miss Mieke M. (the wife of Patrick Stevens) makes her presence noticeable and along with him they form TUNNEL from whom we heard some noise from their recent 12’’on Hymen. Not a single track comes behind, presenting break brilliancies (city beat) to rhythmic brainstorms (push>eject>return) and even more integral attempts considering an acoustic data aspect like down again. The whole CD remains harshly rhythmic containing 16 tracks.


   MS GENTUR-First Chapter (CD Hands DO11) .


Another CD moving towards rhythm noise paths, handed by MS GENTUR via a label known for its gifted releases on dance oriented noise sound. 

            The production is superb and the sounds distinguishable while staying especially noisy and sometimes the CD preserves intense groove elements (nataraja). We could not avoid noticing some similarities between CONVERTER and MS GENTUR with the first emphasizing on massive sound and the latter on the beat.

             The whole project consists of 11 tracks while physis,final fantasy, desire, nataraja, feindsender  require a special mention.The whole album is moving through powerful bounds and without doubt this amasterpiece of the genre.


JOHN HUDAK/DANIEL MENCHE-Husher(10’’ flenix flr01 limited 500).          


         The first release of the Japanese FLENIX owned by Mr. KOJI TANO(MSBR) presents a collaboration between 2 notable of this kind of noise heading far away from simpe noise soundscapes. The artists in question grant us with a 10’’ containing deep sound scapes and the known quality characterizing their individual workings  confirming once again their reputation, especially D.MENCHE and this a personal opinion ,on progressive noise. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the sound sources.

.TRANSCEND SIDEWAYS/K.MIZUTANI(CD Artware Products artw.019).

            This CD issued by Japanese Mr. K.MIZUTANI just as he marks, is an expression of a way of nativity in the land of TARIKI Buddhists.It consists of 4 tracks.The first one,exceeding 19 minutes, is a noise experiment resembling to those of Mr. MASAMI AKITA( aka MERZBOW) only here sounds are more delicate emphasizing on high frequencies creating a strange sense about what exactly you hear.Of course special thanks to D.MENCHE are not there accidentally.The second track reaching 11 minutes,is more ambient than previous, and you can hear voices on the background   sometimes reversed.The third track ,almost 11 minutes , and the maybe the best of the CD, contains a digital essay in which strange soundscapes edge into creating an atmosphere similar to the first track. The fourth track recalls of noise jazz mostly  reaching 9:52 



            This CD issued by Mr. JOE BANKS begins from the ending track 8 of the previous R&D,with track numbered 9.The CD contains 8 new tracks

that were recorded live from sound scapes unique for each track derived from radio frequencies.The CD starts and ends with VLF overtones of 50hz Elf frequency emitted from directional current. Inside the booklet are enclosed some information about what we hear to every track.BANK’s work is extremely interesting and represents a good guide to anyone who’s interested in radio-frequency noises .





SONAR-Cosmic Rays (12’’ hymen 013).

           The last attempt of Sonar ,with a different line up by half with ERIC VAN WONTERGHEM ,owner of PRODAM studio in Belgium, replacing

PATRICK STEVENS(recently issued a CD as SONAREACT).Of course ,Mr. DIRK  IVENS remains on the line up. The sound is influenced

by MONOLITH that means the delicacy of sound on drones and ,the always good, production holding the power of SONAR that we meet in older releases

         The whole effort seems to be faster since this 12’’ according to the demand of their inspirators has to be heard on 45 RPM.This record comprises of 4 tracks of which the homonymous seem to be the highlight. Thus, we ,surely, hear  something different from SONAR without leaving the influences of early ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO behind since the impacts of the fathers of the genre are always there.


   MERZBOW-New Takamagahara (CD OHM-JASSASIN REC. JAZZ013).


        The Japanese Mr. MASAMI AKITA on record as MERZBOW with his countless releases and also his dynamic personality has rendered him as the man who made noise known to the world fixation. And to this release the recipe is objective using EMS,metallic instruments build from the man himself, contributing to a powerful and a little bit infernal from the usual dose

of high feedback digital noise. The whole experiment , with clear-cut “jazz”

extensions since the electronic character “jazz” finds its implemantion through the wide substance of noise, contains 3 tracks total duration of 53:20.