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revolution as a game
the assasinations of athens
an aesopian myth
never forget
debords noise
ever get the feeling...
the art of conspiracy



(Article from the first issue of the Athens based magazine “Tabula Rasa”,written and published by “The Kakos Brothers” in 23.12.1998)

Just as Socrates was given the hemlock to drink,Athenians have to endure-and they take part in the process to a certain degree-the awful conditions inflicted by car pollution,that new beast.At a deeper level one must point that all this is the result of the lack of public transport.And it ought to be free in order to give people an incentive,i.e avoid using the car.

Another problem in Athens is the weight of history.The more you dig underground the more you disturb the past.Maybe all this could be done in a sensitive way,but as we know buldozers are not kind machines!Neither are those who tell workers what to do.

At a deeper level one must speak of the exodus of people towards thw city.This process begun in England during the industrial revolution.Today 1/5 of Britain survives in London,1/2 of the population of Greece is in Athens.To a certain degree we can blame Greek politicians who encouraged such an exodus (to name but a few:Metaxas,Karamanlis,the bloody colonels).All wanted cheap labour from the villages.The other side of the coin was people leaving the hills and the valleys to escape the harsh conditions in these places where the family,the church ruled with an iron fist.

History produced the megacity now the problems will have to be solved.The system must be changed radically,not reformed.In any case it is collapsing of its own accord,the black cloud of pollution is still here.

To do nothing is unacceptable!


When Guy Debord died,a Greek pro-situ called John Reisis rang a friend in Athens (Alexis B. Nikolaou) at 6 o’clock in the morning to tell him the bad news,his phone call was dramatic “our  father has died”.My friend said:”I have no father”.

J. Reisis was one of the editors of the Saloniki based magazine “DE BELLO CIVILI”.

They no longer publish it.They too have disappeared,swallowed up by the system.

Eaten alive!

Constantine the Stupid,the ex-king of the Hellenes is now a restaurant owner in London.His favorite food is kalamares.A forlorn character,he can be seen in London driving his Mercedes.He listened too much to his mother the Prussian Frederiki who acted for the CIA which arranged the Junta’s coup in 1967.


The moustache of Ocalan reminds us of his master,the one and only Stalin.Recently Ocalan said he had not ordered the murder of many of those who oppose him,his reply was typical.It is not me,ti is my second-in-command who is responsible.One can have a sympathy for the Kurdish grassroots,but not for their leaders.Until the people shave Ocalan’s stalinist moustache they will remain ineffective against those who deny them a territory.”APO” (unle) Ocalan also claims to be a devoted Muslim.That is a tactical move on his part.Ocalan is a marxist-leninist.

The Athens based newspaper called KONTRA is a strange hybrid.Those who produce it are in fact maoists.But they like to call themshelves “Anarcho-stalinists”.In the newspaper nothing of their stalinism transpires.Of course they are quite combative and ready to support anarchists who are in prison,or arrested.The KONTRA crew if they were in power (and we doubt they ever will) would set up their own Greek gulag or laogai,so to cut it short the KONTRA cadres and militants have to shed their stalinist skins,until that day we will continue to read their newspaper,say what’s good in it,but we will not stop criticizing them.Maybe only Greeks can produce such an anarcho-stalinist mousaka.It is not very tasty!