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FURUKAWA was created in the summer of 1998 by a team of guys who had strong ties of friendship for several year. The trigger for that action was the will to listen to industrial music with professional audio equipment. Until this turning point here in Greece no place or team existed so that you can listen to this interesting and peculiar kind of music in a way that the nature of this music demands.

The first action took place at 25.07.98 under a lot of stress and several problems with the authorities ,in an open ground area. But the outcome was worth it. Although the approach was highly unprofessional the people who took part in this effort enjoyed it very much. The genders used was EBM, ELECTRO, PSYCHEDELIC with hints of noise. After that the purchase of a mixing console took place and the team started experimenting. A year passed with lots of vinyl and cd orders from abroad, because the access in Greece at that period was mainly EBM style.

  After a year(10.07.99) the second action took place. Of course we are talking about open public happening (posters ,flyers etc.) although the team had several parties organized for very few people .In this second act the approach was very different. A computer was used for live effects and loops ,four turntables and four cd player. The night till the bright light morning sun was highly promising and unforgettable for the people who attended it. The experiment using so many sources left a great promise for the future. To this helped the 6KW audio system.

  The third party took place at 16.10.99 in a garage under heavy rain. The sound !!!!!!! was very terrorizing and the place melted perfectly with the frequencies. It was a fact that building around the area nearly shacked to the rhythm .The atmosphere was great and heavily covered by the noise.

  The fourth action (04.12.99) took place in a hall .For the first time the program had a compound form that made a 7.30 hours DJ set. Also there was a bass player and live barrel percussion during the set.

  After three months at 25.03.00 and in the same place took part the fifth action which was the most well organized of all although without the great help and inspiration of Sold Resonance .The music had a harsher approach